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Jul 2, 2018

Moving through grief and loss isn’t easy, that’s why Jenn Hepton does what she does. Through her work as a grief and loss coach, Jenn gives the gift of understanding. Every step of the way you’ll find her standing right by your side. From the depths of sorrow to new found hope, she understands the complexity of the grief process. She will guide you on your own soulful healing journey by helping you gain an understanding of where you are and the clarity you need to move forward in your new life.
Tools that have helped her navigate loss:
  1. A Support Team: Space Holders, Type A's, and Escape Artists [as mentioned in the podcast] 
  2. Journaling: Writing helps us to process our emotions 
  3. Non-Negotiables: Pick 3 non-negotiables you can do each day 
  4. Movement: dancing or walking is so important to help release stored up grief in our body 
  5. Rituals and Routines: Maybe it's lighting a candle or taking a bath or creating a sacred space in your house to remember your loss
  6. Remember not to be hard on yourself
  7. Find a Grief therapist and/or Grief Coach 
  8. DO see your naturopath and/or doctor for a check up on your autoimmune!!
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