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Mar 31, 2018

In this episode, you'll meet my soul sister, Tori Washington. She is a Spiritual Teacher and Mindset Mentor for women who struggle with self-doubt as an empath. She loves helping empathic women go from chronic worriers to spiritual warriors by activating their intuitive superpowers to overcome limiting beliefs, fear and anxiety.

Originally from the Midwest, she now calls San Diego home. Obsessed with: GT kombucha, the perfect GF marg pizza and allll the crystals in the universe.

In this conversation you'll hear:

-what it's like to live as an empath

-how to protect your energy

-Tori's favorite rituals & crystals

-the power of BELIEF & CHOICE

-how to detox DOUBT

-all about SACRED SISTERHOOD in healing


You can find Tori here:

instagram: @iamtoriwashington