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Apr 25, 2019

Sharon Brown is the Founder and CEO of Bonafide Provisions.

Sharon’s journey in the food business began when she healed her son from chronic health issues using real food and bone broth. This life-changing experience compelled Sharon to become a certified Clinical Nutritionist and open a private practice in Del Mar, California. Within one year, Sharon had a client wait list four months long. People were desperate to heal, and bone broth was a cornerstone of Sharon’s protocol. Unfortunately, making bone broth properly can be time consuming and expensive. There was no commercially available bone broth that met Sharon’s standards, so she enlisted the help of her husband, a professionally trained chef, to help her make bone broth for her clients.

But changing her clients’ lives was not enough. Sharon believed that the healing power of bone broth should be available to everyone and, so, Bonafide Provisions was born. Bonafide Provisions is the pioneer of traditionally-made bone broth and it’s currently the #1 selling frozen bone broth in the nation. From her nutrition practice to her healing foods company, Sharon’s mission has and always will be: to bring abundant wellness to the world by returning to the wisdom and traditions of our ancestors.


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