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Jul 31, 2019

Last week I got an intuitive hit to NOT get lingual bars in my mouth (as a permanent retainer), and I didn't listen... Here's what ended up happening.

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Jul 29, 2019

In this episode I'm breaking down some reasons behind why you might be second guessing yourself, finding the Intuitive Games hard, or just picking at random versus using your intuition to discover the answer!

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Jul 26, 2019

MANY of you in this community have experience with chronic illness, autoimmune disease, chronic symptoms, and mystery illnesses.

And you know how frustrating it can be to look fine, normal, or healthy...

Yet on the inside your body is hurting in some way, or maybe many ways.

This episode IS FOR YOU!

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Jul 24, 2019

In today's episode from the Intuitive Games, I'm sharing a story about when my intuition nudged me to do something outside of my comfort zone.

Sometimes your intuition nudges you to do something that is outside of your comfort zone, scary, or feels like a big risk…

Here's how I chose to respond.

Intuitive Soul...

Jul 24, 2019

In 2011 we shifted from the Piscean Age into the Aquarian Age. Now is the time for us to accept the knowledge and wisdom we have within ourselves. In this episode, I'm talking about what intuition IS and what it is NOT.

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